Saturday, September 6, 2014

Last Days at Carrabelle

We were a little bit lazy Thursday morning and didn't get out to the beach until about 11:30.  The sun was bright and hot but the clouds were beginning to build too.

We walked out towards the point towards the east.  The clouds continued to build and we could see it starting to rain on the outer islands.

It ended up raining a good part of the day on Thursday but it was a good day to be inside and get caught up on some things.  Plus, the rain gave all our awnings and the camper a good washing.  :)

On Friday morning, I set my alarm for 6:30 so we could go out and get some sunrise pictures.  The way the beach lies here at Carrabelle, I figured the sunrises would be beautiful.  We got out to the beach about 15 minutes before sunrise.

It was so peaceful.  Watch and listen....

A few seagulls here and there...

some cool cloud formations that we guessed what shapes they looked like (do you see the lobster?)...

and a beautiful sunrise.

After watching the sunrise, we walked back to the camper for breakfast and then headed back out to the beach a little later for a little walk and a little rest.

This is what the beach looks like through my straw hat that I had covering my face.  :)

We had grilled shrimp for dinner and they were delicious.  Chuck has grilled almost every night we have been in Carrabelle.  I'm liking all this Chuck grilling and me not cooking much!  :)

You may remember the pork steaks we bought at the Piggly Wiggly in Ashburn.  We bought 4 packs thinking we would freeze them and eat them over several months.  But we forgot that the refrigerator may have to be turned off while the slide-out is being worked on at Alliance Coach next week.  So Chuck has been grilling and we have been eating pork steaks almost every other night.  Last night was a pork steak night, tonight was grilled shrimp night and tomorrow night (our last night in Carrabelle) will be our last night for pork steaks.  We're still not tired of them though!  :)

On Saturday, we got out to the beach earlier because we wanted to be back to the motorhome in time to watch the UT football game at noon.  There were not many people out there yet...

...except a couple of guys from Georgia who had come down for the weekend to go fishing.  They told us they had caught a lot of fish yesterday evening but it was a little slower this morning.

While we were standing there, one of the guys caught this bonnethead shark.  

Say "cheese" Mr. Shark!  :)

When he released the shark back into the water, it stayed along the edge of the surf for a couple of minutes...

...before swimming back out to sea.

We decided to walk down the beach toward the stumps a little ways and saw this stingray swimming in the surf.

We turned around and walked back to where the guys were fishing.  We decided we would just sit there for awhile and watch them fish.  I decided to go back to the camper to get my good camera and a mug of coffee to enjoy at the beach.  When I got back, Chuck was not only fishing, 

he had a fish hooked.  You see that big smile on his face!  :)

Chuck had been saying he wished he had bought a fishing license earlier in the week and he could have fished some this week.  I had looked up the Florida saltwater fishing license regulations online a couple of days ago and told him that today was a free fishing day -- no license required!  He still didn't think he would fish today because we would only be on the beach for about an hour or so this morning.  

While I was gone to get my coffee and camera, Chuck was talking to the guys who were there fishing.  He noticed one of the guys poles had a bite and the guy asked him to get it for him because he was busy working with another rod.  When Chuck saw it was a big fish, he asked him if he wanted it back so he could reel it in.  The guy said, "No, you're the catcher so you got to reel it in."  


That was probably the biggest stingray we had ever seen.

After they got the hook released,

they got the stingray turned around and he swam back into the sea.

We sat there and watched them fish for about another hour with Chuck occasionally helping them when they had more than one fish on.  They caught another shark...

...and released him.

They caught several other smaller fish while we were watching them including this dogfish.

About 11:45, we loaded up our chairs and walked back to the motorhome to watch the UT/Arkansas State football game.  Unfortunately, DirecTV had our programming messed up and it took about 30 minutes of my calling and trying to get through to them to get it fixed.  But we only missed about 20 minutes of the game and UT won so everything worked out great!

Later that evening, we walked out to the beach one more time...

...and then sat outside under the slideout (because it was raining) while Chuck was grilling our last pair of pork steaks!  :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Day Trip to Cape San Blas

We decided to ride out to Cape San Blas to see what if anything had changed since we visited the area in the spring of 2012.  The Loggerhead Run Bike Path is now completed and starts at the beginning of the road out to Cape San Blas.  It is a really nice 7.7 mile paved bike trail that goes all the way out to St. Joseph Peninsula State Park.

We checked out another potential RV site to rent.  The site is paved which is good but is in between two houses, very close to the road, and the dunes block the view of the beach.

But there is a set of steps that takes you down to the beach and the beach is beautiful.

As we rode out to the point, we noticed a few new houses being constructed which is good.  When we were here two years ago, nothing was being built.

On the way back we stopped at the RV site we had stayed at in the spring of 2012 but someone was camped there and the driveway was chained off so we couldn't get a good look at it.  We also rode out to Indian Pass but not much had changed out there.

We stopped at Indian Pass Rawbar for lunch.  We were looking forward to some delicious steamed oysters like what we had enjoyed two years ago.  We ordered a dozen steamed and a dozen baked.  Unfortunately, the oysters are much, much smaller than they were two years ago.

They are so small you can't even hardly see them in the picture!  Yes, that is a very small oyster in the shell.

Two years ago, the oysters were so big they would cover and spill out over the edge of your cracker like this:

Needless to say, we were a little disappointed.  We even thought about stopping by Boss Oyster in Apalachicola on the way back and getting a dozen oysters there just to see if they were any bigger.  Instead, we treated ourselves to a scoop of ice cream at Carrabelle Junction.  

After we got back to the motorhome, we decided to go out to the beach for a little while.  The clouds were very dark to the west...

but the sun was shining over us and to the east.

When I checked my phone, it appeared the storms were stalling out over Cape San Blas.  Glad we weren't there now!  

We set up our beach chairs and watched the shrimp boats who were trolling back and forth in front of us.

They were bringing in several big nets full of shrimp.  Maybe we should have eaten shrimp rather than oysters!  :)

We stayed at the beach until the sun started to go behind the clouds...

and then walked back to the camper and enjoyed sitting outside a little while longer.  

Although we like some of the individual RV rental sites out toward Cape San Blas, what we like about Carrabelle RV Beach Resort is that there is quick access to the beach, the sites are paved (so you're not having to sweep or vacuum out sand all the time), and there is a pool that is probably very nice in the spring and fall when it is not so hot.  Plus, the price is very reasonable for a campground this close to a beach.  

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A few more days at Carrabelle

We were sad to see Crystal, Grant, Avery and Hannah leave Monday morning.  After we had hugged everyone good-bye, I started washing clothes at the campground laundry which took awhile because I decided to wash all the linens and blankets in the camper too.

Since the campground and the beach are nice here, Chuck and I decided to just stay here at Carrabelle and then drive straight to Alliance Coach in Wildwood on Sunday for the slide-out repair.

Late Monday afternoon, we decided to go for a long walk on the beach.  The beach was more crowded than normal with it being Labor Day.  We stopped and talked to a couple of people fishing and watched the birds running along the sand dunes.

We walked as far as we could on the beach to the west and then walked out to the point to the east and then turned around and headed back for a total of about 3 miles.

We sat outside and enjoyed the shade and the breeze for a while and then enjoyed some leftover boiled shrimp for dinner.

On Tuesday morning, we decided to get our walk in on the beach again.  We walked west as far as we could about 3/4 of a mile...

and then turned around and headed east to the point.

At the end of our walk toward the west, there are a lot of cool looking stumps along the edge of the water.

Some of them looked like little volcano islands sitting out in the water.

We walked around the point and noticed a lot of little hermit crabs at the edge of the water.  On the walk back, we saw this starfish washed up on the beach.

It was as big as my flip-flop!

By the time we got back to the camper, we had walked almost 4 miles and Chuck had the blisters to prove it!  I think we'll take a day off from walking tomorrow!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Another Fun Day at the Beach

After another good night's sleep, we were ready to head to the beach Sunday morning.  Avery, Crystal and I went for a short walk on the beach...

...while Pa and Hannah took a little mid-morning nap.  :)

After a few days at the beach, Avery really liked the water now...particularly on top of her dad's shoulders!  :)

Then it was time to make sand castles.

Pa kept an eye on Hannah patting her back to sleep...

...and then walked with Avery back to the water one last time.

We headed back to the camper for lunch and Crystal asked me to take a picture of Avery and Hannah in their "look-alike" outfits.  Hannah wasn't too happy about that at first...

...but a few seconds later she was all smiles.

Later that afternoon, Avery enjoyed her own private pool...

...right outside the camper.

We enjoyed a delicious dinner of both grilled shrimp and boiled shrimp at the camper.  After putting the girls to bed, we started watching UT's first football game of the year against Utah State that we had recorded and were VERY pleased with the 38 to 7 win.  GO VOLS!!!!

We had four wonderfully busy and fun days with Crystal, Grant, Avery, and Hannah.  I think they had fun too!