Tuesday, April 1, 2014

More Fun with the Girls!

Our weekend back in Atlanta was filled with lots of little girls.

Can you imagine what it will be like with 5 granddaughters?  :)

We babysat Bell and Em for Taf and Cory over the weekend.  Crystal, Grant and Avery joined us Friday night for dinner and so we could watch the Tennessee-Michigan basketball game together.  Saturday was rainy, cold and very windy.  Emmaline (the youngest) wanted to go outside and kept pointing to the back door and then, of course, Isabella, did too.  I tried to explain that it was too cold.  Isabella said "but we can put on our jackets."  And then I said it was wet and rainy too.  Isabella said "but we can put on our hats".  I kept trying to explain why we couldn't go outside and she kept giving me reasons whey we could.  She almost had me convinced.  :)

Sunday morning we got Bell and Em ready and, surprisingly enough, got to church a few minutes early. Chuck and I asked each other on the way to church how did we ever get our daughters ready for anything when they were little.  :)  Everyone was pretty tired Sunday afternoon because we all took some pretty good naps.  :)  Taf and Cory arrived back home that afternoon after a fun weekend.

We woke up to a cool but beautiful day Monday morning.  Time to get some steps in and look for golf balls along the way.  :)

The redbud trees were blooming...

...and the lake was calm.

Since it was such a beautiful day, Tafanie, Bell and Emmaline came to see us at Stone Mountain on Monday.  Emmaline had a snack of some apples.

Bell practiced her photography skills by taking a picture of her apples,

her Pa,

and the latest addition to our motorhome, another 1/2 bath.  We always wanted an extra bathroom.  :)

Pa and Bell played cards for a few minutes...

...but then it was time to go to the playground.  MiMa rode with Bell down the slide a few times...

and then a couple times with Bell and Emmaline.

Then, MiMa had to rest.  :)

Crystal and Avery met us back at Tafanie's Monday night for some homemade lasagna.  We got to play with all 3 girls after supper.  Avery and I took this "selfie."  :)

Since it was such a nice evening when we got back to the camper, Chuck and I enjoyed a campfire for a couple of hours Monday night.

Very peaceful!  :)

Isabella spent the day with us Tuesday at Stone Mountain.  She told us she wanted to "go to the playground, throw pine cones in the water, and watch the geese."  We started our day with Bell by getting some of our steps in...

going to the playground, and then going to the lake to throw pine cones (and then rocks) in the water.

What form!  :)

Bell always kicks up her left foot when she throws rocks or pine cones in the water.

After eating a very good lunch, we all took naps.  After naps, we walked back down to the lake to throw a few more pine cones in the lake and to see the geese.

Chuck, Bell and I met Tafanie and Emmaline and Crystal and Avery at Panera Bread for supper.  Isabella practiced her photography skills in the car on the way to Panera.  :)

After dinner, we went back over to Crystal and Grant's for a few minutes before heading back to Stone Mountain for the evening.  We had a wonderful few days of blowing bubbles, swinging on swings, sliding on slides, throwing pine cones in the water, and doing all the fun things that grandparents get to do with their granddaughters.  :)

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bubbles and Swinging

On our way back to Tennessee, we planned to stop in Atlanta to see the kids for a few days.  We drove a little over halfway on Wednesday stopping at a KOA in Forsyth, GA.  I had enough KOA rewards built up that the site only cost $6.18 for the night.  Sweet!

The people were nice, the site was level, and because we were at the back of the campground, we couldn't hear the nearby interstate noise.  The only problem was that their interior roads were extremely rough.  We felt like the camper was going to come apart just going to our campsite.  Not sure we will stop here again because the roads were just too rough.

On Thursday, our drive was just a little under 2 hours.  After getting set up, we went over to Tafanie's house.  We were greeted with a great big hug from Bell, our oldest granddaughter.  Those hugs are SOOO SWEET!!

The afternoon was so nice we sat on the front porch...

 and played with Bell in the front yard while Emmaline was taking a nap.

Bell loves bubbles.  

So she has a BIG bubble jar.

Pa blew bubbles with Bell...

...then MiMa blew bubbles with her.

After Emmaline woke up from her nap,

we blew more bubbles in the front yard.  I showed Bell how to play hopscotch and then we walk, ran, jumped and skipped around the cul-de-sac.  I discovered an easier way to get our 10,000 steps in every day.  Put the pedometer on Bell! :)

Bell wanted to play in the back yard so we went out back where she and Pa played hide-and-go-seek.

Pa taught Bell how to take pictures with our camera.  You know from previous blog posts what a great photographer Chuck is.  Hmmm....I wonder how that will turn out?  :)  The first picture looked like it was taken by Chuck.

But the second picture Bell took of Emmaline and me turned out very good.  Good job, Bell!

Emmaline and I did a little swingin'.  She loved it!  (So did I.)  :)

Crystal and Avery arrived a little later.  Chuck's has his arms full.  :)

Avery swung by herself for several minutes.

And then Avery and Bell swung together for awhile...

My turn with Avery!  :)

After Grant and Cory got there, we enjoyed dinner together and getting caught up on everything that has been going on.  We think our granddaughters are just precious!  And guess what, we will soon have two more granddaughters:  Crystal and Grant are expecting our 4th granddaughter in May and Tafanie and Cory are expecting our 5th granddaughter in August.  Five little girls!  Sugar and spice and everything nice.  :)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Goodbye Florida

Our last few days in Florida have been kind of lazy.  We have gotten our 10,000 steps in every day and have enjoyed kind of doing nothing and playing SkipBo and Sequence Dice in the evenings.

Today, we went to lunch with Marc and Rhea, our friends from Quebec, at China Lee Buffet in Silver Springs.  The food at China Lee is delicious and very reasonably priced.  We ate a little more healthy than we normally do at Chinese buffets by eating the vegetables, fish and chicken and avoiding the rice, lo mein and fried foods.  I think the food must have had some kind of sedative in it because we both took naps when we got back to the motorhome.  :)

Later that evening, I decided to sit outside for a little while to enjoy the last of the sunshine on this our last day in Florida...

...and Chuck came out and joined me.

The weather was a little breezy but a lot better than the snow they were having back home in Nashville.  Brrrr.  We're hoping to take the Florida sun back home with us.  :)

We talked to our neighbor next door for a few minutes.  She said they had spent last winter in Corpus Christi and were miserable because it was so cold.  You just can't beat Florida in the winter!  Good-bye Florida!  See ya next year????

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunrise Surprise

After arriving back at Wilderness RV Park in Silver Springs on Thursday, we went to Wal-mart to pick up some groceries.  We spent most of the day Friday getting caught up on laundry and I worked on getting caught back up on the blog.  We enjoyed sitting outside in the nice sunshine too.

One of the reasons we came back to Wilderness was to get the motorhome washed and waxed by the same guy who had washed it last year.   We looked at the weather and scheduled for him to come Saturday to do the work. 

I got up Saturday morning around 7 am and noticed the sun was just starting to peak through the clouds.  I was just thinking that we see a lot of beautiful sunsets but we don't see many sunrises.  I raised the shade on the front windshield and was blessed with the gift of one of the most beautiful sunrises I think we have ever seen.

I woke Chuck up so he could see it too and then ran outside to get some pictures.

God sure does make some pretty sunrises and sunsets.  Don't you agree?

The men arrived to begin washing and waxing the motorhome around 9:30 and they were done by 1:30.  After lunch, we ran out for a couple of errands.  I finally got caught up on the blog Saturday afternoon and then sat outside for a little while and enjoying the sunshine.  After dinner, we walked our 10,000 steps.  We could tell from walking around the campground that snowbird season is beginning to wind down because a lot of the seasonal or owner sites are now empty.  We'll be heading north soon too.