Sunday, August 17, 2014

Summer Days in Atlanta

We have tried to get our walks completed early in the morning.  Chuck has found  over 40 golf balls so far and we still have a week to go.

The weather was unusually nice the latter part of the week.  We enjoyed sitting outside after our walk in the mornings....

and eating our dinner outside in the evening.

Chuck has taken a lot of good pictures of the birds and the wildlife like these beautiful redheaded woodpeckers.

They really like the dead part of the top of this tree about 80 yards down from our campsite.

Their red heads make them easier to spot in the sun.

This dove liked perching way up in the top of that tree too.

We noticed this bird in a nearby tree that I haven't been able to figure out what kind it is yet.  It has blue tipped wings...

and a speckled breast.  

It kind of looks like a female bluebird but it is a little bigger than any bluebirds I have seen.

Chuck even got a picture of this rare elephant-squirrel.  :)  See his little trunk?  

(Not really.  The branch in front of him just makes it look like he has a trunk.)  

Of course, our favorite "wildlife" to watch is our little granddaughters running,



and giving each other hugs!  :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

#5 Has Arrived

One week and one day after Tafanie's due date, Ruby Olivia, arrived weighing 9 lbs and 4 oz.

Tafanie and Ruby are doing just fine and we are very thankful and proud of our fifth granddaughter!

We had fun babysitting and playing with Bell and Emmaline while mommy, daddy, and Ruby were in the hospital.  We worked on puzzles and built castles and towers with their blocks.  This one even has a tunnel for Ruby!

On Tuesday, we took Bell and Emmaline to see their new sister in the hospital.  Bell even gave her a kiss!  :)

After they got home on Wednesday, Bell showed her mommy how much she likes helping her take care of Ruby.  :)

I fixed spaghetti for all of us that evening.  Emma loves the sauce but is not too crazy about the noodles.  :)

Pa and MiMa took turns "helping out" also by holding Ruby.  :)

Sometimes Ruby likes to just look at what's going on around her...

...but other times she likes to just kick back and relax.  :)

Her mommy would really like it if she would kick back and relax (and sleep) a lot more at night!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Having Fun with the Girls

While waiting on our 5th granddaughter to arrive, we have been busy having lots of fun with our other four granddaughters!  :)

Hannah, who is just 3 months old, is getting so big and likes to smile and coo at her Pa.

And Avery (Hannah's sister) likes to help her Pa find things like duct tape at Lowes.  :)

MiMa helped Bell and Emmaline make a tower with a double tunnel for them to crawl through (and then knock down).

We all went to Grant and Cory's softball game Tuesday night.  Grant and Cory have such cute cheerleaders! :)

Chuck and I celebrated our 37th wedding anniversary this week!  We started the day with our morning five-mile walk in the campground and by the golf course. 

We get a glimpse of Stone Mountain along our walk...

...and also these pretty little blue wildflowers (and you know how much I like wildflowers).  :)

Chuck always looks for (and usually finds) golf balls as we walk along the road by the golf course,

but this morning, he only found one and it was a dud because it had been cut up by a lawnmower.  :(

By the time we got back, Crystal and Tafanie and the girls had arrived so we could go to the pool.  The campground is a lot more empty during the week.  We had the pool all to ourselves today.  

When I got out of the pool, Hannah and I enjoyed just chillin' in the shade.

Swimming always make little girls hungry.  :)

What a terrific anniversary present!  Having fun with our daughters and granddaughters!  :)

Friday, August 1, 2014

Back in Atlanta

We left Nashville on Sunday and headed back to Atlanta to await the arrival of our 5th grandchild!  The traffic was not that bad in Tennessee; but the closer we got to Atlanta, the worse it got.

We're staying at Stone Mountain again because it is the closest campground to both our daughters.  The campground is fairly empty during the week.

We have managed to get our 10,000 steps (or 5 miles) in every day...

...and we biked around Stone Mountain and in the campground a couple of mornings.  Unfortunately, Stone Mountain is very hilly so I don't think we will be biking every day like we did in Nashville.

We have spent our first week back in Atlanta thoroughly enjoying being with our daughters and their families. On Monday, we went to Bell's gymnastic class.  There was a viewing area above the gym where we could watch Bell and all the other little gymnasts.  Emmaline watched from Pa's lap!  :)

They start by stretching.  This picture shows Bell stretching by putting her feet on the wall and standing on her hands (this picture was taken above her):

They also stretched by laying on their backs and putting there feet on the wall.

Bell seems to really enjoy her gymnastics class!

We could not believe how much little Hannah (who was born in May) had grown!

What a cutie!  :)

Avery likes her new little sister too!

Crystal, Avery and Hannah came over on Thursday so Avery could go swimming.  She loved it!

Pa watched Hannah while we were having fun in the pool!  :)

Before we left, Avery was jumping into the pool to Crystal.

Later that afternoon, Tafanie, Bell and Emmalline came over to see us too.  We were hoping to play outside but it started raining as soon as they got here so we had to play inside.  We had an indoor picnic...

...and they had lots of fun with Pa.  :)

We're looking forward to a lot more fun with all of our granddaughters while we wait on the arrival of our fifth granddaughter...any day now!