Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Arrival at Carrabelle

We slept in a little late this morning and then headed south to Carrabelle, Florida.  Because our destination was basically due south of Ashburn, Georgia, we did not head down I-75.  Instead, we took GA Hwy 112, then Hwy 33 at Sylvester, and then Hwy 319 all the way south to Hwy 98 along the gulf coast of Florida.

It was a pleasant drive through the Georgia countryside...

and through some small Georgia towns like Sylvester which had a beautiful courthouse.

The roads were very good and the traffic light.  We enjoyed seeing the fields of peanuts and cotton growing all across the Georgia countryside.

We could tell when we were getting closer to Florida because the Spanish moss was hanging thick on the trees.

When we arrived at Carrabelle Beach RV Resort, we pulled into our site #55.

The campground is very nice with concrete pads, full hookups, and a swimming pool.  Across the street from the campground is access to the beach.

For dinner, Chuck fired up the grill and cooked us some of those pork steaks we had bought at the Piggly Wiggly in Ashburn.

He cooked them just right!  We each had a pork steak, salad, and split a baked potato.

They must have been good because this was all that was left!  :)

After dinner, we sat outside and just relaxed for a little while longer.

Even though the weather was warm, there was a nice breeze and so far.....no no-see-ums!  Hope that holds true for the rest of the week!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Wanee Again

We were not scheduled to be at Carrabelle until Tuesday so we decided to drive halfway, stop in Ashburn, Georgia, and go back to Wanee RV Park and Golf.  We visited this RV park and golf course 2 years ago while we were waiting for Avery (our 2nd granddaughter) to be born.  We like this park because it is full hookups, $16 per night (with Passport America) and we can play golf for only $12 per person for 18 holes and that includes a cart!!

We arrived here early Sunday afternoon but it was so hot that we just stayed in the camper after getting set up to just try to stay cool.  However, Monday morning was very nice:  windy with temps in the high 70's.  We decided to walk the golf course since the weather was so pleasant which amounted to about 2 1/2 miles.  

Even though the weather was very nice, we had the golf course all to ourselves.  

We arrived back at our campsite a little after 9 am.

After breakfast, we enjoyed the rest of the morning just sitting outside and drinking some coffee.  :)  We drove into the town of Ashburn around noon to the Piggly Wiggly for the main purpose of finding pork steaks.  This is one of our favorite cuts of meat that we like to grill and is difficult to find in normal grocery stores like Krogers or Wal-mart.  It is not the healthiest piece of pork but it sure is delicious!  We had found them at the Piggly Wiggly when we were here two years ago; and much to our satisfaction, we found them again!  :)

We talked to our friends Ken and Bonnie and have made plans to join up with them in Florida this fall.  (Yippee!!)  After lunch, we decided to play golf here at Wanee RV Park & Golf Course.  I don't have a set of golf clubs so we had to share Chuck's clubs.  Some of our shots ended up in the woods...

and it took me a lot more strokes to get to the green then it did Chuck.

Our scores may have not been the best but we sure did have fun playing!  :)

It took us about 4 hours to play 18 holes; and by the time we were finished, I was pooped!  The weather was pleasant so we sat outside on the shady side of our camper and enjoyed some appetizers before dinner. 

Wanee RV Park & Golf is a very nice place to stop off of I-75 and we would highly recommend it to anyone as a nice place to camp on your way to or from Florida.  

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Last Week in Atlanta

We spent out last week in Atlanta helping out Tafanie and Cory and all the little Van Wyngardens.  Little Ruby really likes taking a nap on mommy and daddy's bed,

but she also likes taking naps in her Pac 'n Play.  

Bell and Emmaline like to take turns holding their baby sister.  They are both very gentle with their new little sister.

They like watching Ruby in her crib too...  

...but their still working on their sharing skills of sharing the stepstool to look over the crib at Ruby. :)

This was little Ruby's first breakfast at (or rather on) the table for breakfast.  :)

After breakfast, Bell and Emmaline enjoyed riding their trikes in the cul-de-sac.

On Tuesday, we all wanted to go to Cory and Uncle Grant's softball game.  Ruby was all ready to go...

but then the game got rained out.  :(  But, they had another game on Thursday and we all went to the game including Aunt Crystal, Avery and Hannah.  (Ruby's in the stroller in the back.)

With five little girls, three of whom are very busy toddlers, we probably didn't watch much of the game...  

but we were there to cheer our team on!  :)  While we were sitting there, we were surprised...

when Jerry and Pam (Chuck's brother and sister-in-law) walked up behind us.  :)

We were further surprised when we found out they were camped next to us at Stone Mountain in their new motorhome!  :)

On Friday night, we all got together for pizza for dinner.  Crystal discovered she really likes Bell and Emmaline's riding toy.

She and Bell and Avery were able to ride together at the same time!  :)

On Saturday, we took Jerry and Pam to the Bodies Exhibit in Atlanta.  We had been to the exhibit several years before and it is very interesting!  Later that evening, we all went out to dinner at Los Bravos in Decatur.  

After dinner, we went outside on the enclosed patio so we could get pictures of Chuck and me with all five of our granddaughters.  Cory took about 20 pictures for us...

and the first one he took was actually the best one.  

After pictures, MiMa, Bell, Avery, Emmaline, and Hannah played "follow the leader" on the patio.

After dinner, we said our good-byes to Tafanie, Cory and the girls and then went over to Crystal and Grant's house to play with Avery and Hannah a few minutes before bedtime and then play a game of Wits and Wagers and 7-Up.  I was the winner in Wits 'n Wagers and Jerry was the winner in 7-Up.  We said our good-byes to Crystal and Grant and the girls Saturday night.  And then said our good-byes to Jerry and Pam Sunday morning before heading south to Florida.

We are so very, very, very blessed to have such a wonderful family and five beautiful and precious little granddaughters!  :)

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Summer Days in Atlanta

We have tried to get our walks completed early in the morning.  Chuck has found  over 40 golf balls so far and we still have a week to go.

The weather was unusually nice the latter part of the week.  We enjoyed sitting outside after our walk in the mornings....

and eating our dinner outside in the evening.

Chuck has taken a lot of good pictures of the birds and the wildlife like these beautiful redheaded woodpeckers.

They really like the dead part of the top of this tree about 80 yards down from our campsite.

Their red heads make them easier to spot in the sun.

This dove liked perching way up in the top of that tree too.

We noticed this bird in a nearby tree that I haven't been able to figure out what kind it is yet.  It has blue tipped wings...

and a speckled breast.  

It kind of looks like a female bluebird but it is a little bigger than any bluebirds I have seen.

Chuck even got a picture of this rare elephant-squirrel.  :)  See his little trunk?  

(Not really.  The branch in front of him just makes it look like he has a trunk.)  

Of course, our favorite "wildlife" to watch is our little granddaughters running,



and giving each other hugs!  :)